I'm a Wife, Mom, Decorator, Chocoholic, Netflix junkie, craft supply addict and sewing enthusiast. When I’m not driving my three kids to their various activities or working on client projects, you can find me in my little office creating things for my Etsy store or sharing inspiration on my blog. 

My Psychology and Fine Arts background coupled with my eye for design enables me to create cozy, functional and stylish spaces for my clients and their families. I believe that every family deserves a home that they love and that tells their story, I strongly believe this can be achieved on a budget and you don’t need to break the bank! 

I have always had an insatiable interest in decorating and design but it wasn't until I became a mom that I discovered I have a passion for decorating family spaces.  I really wanted our home to be stylish and reflect our personalities, but I also began to value the importance of function, organization and practicality, especially as our family grew and our needs changed! 

Sometimes it seems impossible to keep up with all of the ‘stuff’ a family can generate. Organization is a key component to decorating when kids are involved. I am always trying to create order out of the family chaos around me. It sure keeps me on my toes (and sometimes drives me crazy!).

I am grateful for my family, they are my greatest teachers and they inspire me daily!

I’m Kerri, an Interior Decorator with a passion for feathering the family nest!

Nice to meet you!

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